Detailed development plan – Zoning and development plan of quarter 46 of village Mala Tsarkva, including a platform of treatment plant for drinking water “Canton Mala Tsarkva”, part of “Integrated project for water sector of Sofia”
Making DDP (detailed development plan) – plot plan for project: “Emergency water supply from the dam “Tsonevo” for municipalities of district Varna” – “Sanitary protection zones”
Detailed development plan /plot plan – final project № 1/ from 0+00 km to 79+00 km from the project of Nabuco gas pipeline
Making DDP - Zoning and development plan for land property № 65231.901.357 in "Rashid Begov Chiflik", in the land of Samokov
Development of plot plan for the permanent way of the pipeline derivation – village Zhitnitsa – Provadsol
DDP - Construction Plan and Plot Plan for Mini hydroelectric station “Rosa”, in the land of village Mala Tsarkva