Service to carry out technical activities for maintaining on Restored Property Plan /RPP/ and to concede the maintenance to Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency under the Low on Cadastre and Property Register, for district Lukovit
Making a precise levelling I-st class: levelling line № 17 from century benchmark (CBM) № 227 to CBM № 28 (village Duran kulak – town of Varna – 117 km.), from CBM № 13 to CBM № 227 (town of Dobrich – village Duran kulak – 80 km.), levelling polygon VIII
Geodetic activities during construction of Gated community of single-family houses, Zoned Property (ZP) XVIII-474,483, quarter 5 and ZP-XX-482,760,762,767, quarter 3, Sofia, “Malinova dolina”
Determination of coordinates and elevations of the centers of 700 inspection pits in region of municipality Veliko Tarnovo
Digitalization and creating of digital terrain model of the catchment area of Struma River from large-scale topographic map - М 1:50 000 – 15 000
Coordination of the shafts of the channel network of Sofia
Geodetic survey and vertical planning of foster building of “Technoexportstroi” EAD in resort “Borovets”
Geodetic measurements of control points from sections in order to undertake a ground control of laser scanning
Framework contract for assignment of exploring and geodetic activities with employer “MOBILTEL” EAD
Geodetic activities for design and construction of wind park in land of villages Ruzica, Nikola Kozlevo, municipality Nikola Kozlevo
Maintenance of Restored Property Plan of municipality: Provadia, Dalgopol, Vetrino